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The Best Ways To Deal With Dog Urine Infection

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The Best Ways To Deal With Dog Urine Infection The Best Ways To Deal With Dog Urine Infection The Best Ways To Deal With Dog Urine Infection

Dog UTI is a painful condition that we must be careful our pets do not contract. While it is not fatal, the problems that arise from dog urine infection may further complicate existing ailments that the animal may already have. It is important that you are familiar with canine urinary tract infection and how to treat it the best way possible.

Unfortunately, urinary tract infections are actually a widespread disease for the dog kingdom. They acquire this sickness through taking in food and water that has been contaminated.

These destructive organisms then travel to their bloodstream and make their way to the other organs, infecting their internal system.

If you suspect that your pet is suffering from UTI, provide him with fresh water throughout the day. Water will cleanse his system and induce him to urinate more often-which is what we want to expel bacteria. Remember, urine contains these harmful germs and the longer you hold it in, the higher the chances of possible infection. Take him out for walks often to encourage frequent urination.

A popular dog UTI treatment at home is apple cider vinegar. This raises the acidity in the urine, thus neutralizing the bacteria in it. If there is no apple cider vinegar available, give him citrus juices like lime, orange or cranberry juice. This serves the same purpose and is effective for UTI treatment for humans and canine alike.

A widely held dog UTI treatment at home is apple cider vinegar. What this does is increase the acidity level of the urine, which in turn neutralizes the bacteria. Citrus juices are also as effective. Include lime, cranberry or orange juice in his daily water intake. These are good therapies that humans and dogs with UTI can use.

Together with these supplements, a good diet is crucial in your pet’s general well-being. Ensure his best health by serving him fresh raw food. Do not give him leftovers and remove uneaten food from his dish so he will not have to eat it. Food left out for too long will most likely be contaminated and will aggravate his urinary tract infection.

Common symptoms of canine UTI are frequent urination and excessive thirst. Your pet might also be experiencing some pain in his abdomen. If this is so, have him tested for an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. Regularly visit your veterinarian for your pet’s check-up to impede the progress of any sickness that he might be suffering.

Dog urine infection is preventable with good diet and sanitary practices. Learn more about it so you know how to address it and treat it the way it should before it escalates further.

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