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All About Yorkshire Terrier and Small Breed Dogs

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All About Yorkshire Terrier and Small Breed Dogs All About Yorkshire Terrier and Small Breed Dogs All About Yorkshire Terrier and Small Breed Dogs

Yorkshire dog considered as "toy dog" or small sized dog. They come from Skye Terriers and Paisley Terriers then breeds both with Waterside Terrier. First time introduced in America at 1880s but never gain lots attention until 1960.

The Yorkie’s real name is Yorkshire Terrier, named from their originating city in the UK. Because of its small size and terrier's instinct as a hunter, they are a perfect companion for hunting the mouse.

Appearance and Personal Characteristic

General yorkie appearance has long glossy hair. Their body is small, but maintains a good body proportion. This creature has a very intelligent facial expression because of their dark and medium size eyes. Their head is high, showing a "dominant" characteristic, confidence, and vigor. Their muzzle is round with even jaws. In general their tail is has a medium length and slightly higher from their back makes this tiny little cute creature look sexy.

The personal characteristic of the Yorkie are intelligent, independent, brave, vigorous, and what makes this tiny creature unique is they often think them self as big as The Great Dane. Often makes me laugh and smile when my Yorkie act like this one. Although they often bark at the stranger or other bigger dog (Yorkie thinks they are bigger!), they are quite friendly after a short introduction period.

Although most of them are bold and adventurous, some Yorkie with lack socialization during their growth can be very timid and have a tendency to withdraw when they see other dog out of their pack.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Unlike other small breed, a Yorkie is a “Terrier”, they need lots of activity! Fortunately running around your house is enough for a Yorkie to "heat up" a little bit. They really love when you take them for a walk, so take them for a walk often. They are meant to be inside dog, means they won't suit well if you force them to live outside.

Another maintenance for this pet is the food. Overfeeding can cause obesity and lead into various health problems. Any change in diet should be done gradually because they have sensitive digestion. Choosing high quality food is important, some cheap food may contain corn and and soybean wheat as filler which can lead into nutrition problem.


One important training at early age is the socialization training. This training will help the puppy to have a strong "connection" with the owner and will avoid aggressive or timid dog. To socialize your puppy, you can take them for a walk to a park where they can met and interact with other dogs, noise, and human presence.

Other important training at early age is the housebreaking training, this is because the Yorkie are a toy dog. This means they have small bladder and have a higher chance to commit accidents inside the house.

One most successful way to help this training is using the crate/kennel. Such training relies on a theory that a dog would not mess around their sleeping space. The kennel size should big enough for the dog to move around and stand up but not too big so the dog won't excrete in one side and sleep on the other side without being bothered.

The challenge in this training is how to make the puppy comfortable inside the kennel. To make the puppy comfortable you can move their bed/ toys within the crate. And when the puppy enters the crate praise him/her! Furthermore try to feed the pet in the crate, and make it a playing space for the pet so they can associate this place as a fun place. When you found your puppy sleeping outside the crate, gently move it to the crate and let it continue the sleep. Another note to crate training a puppy is the puppy should not left inside the crate for too long!

The step to train your puppies is fairly simple, create a special place to excrete by placing a pad or newspaper in a certain place, and praise them for doing it in this place.

When you cannot watch them you should place them inside the crate, and since their intuition is to keep this place clean they will always try to hold on for a moment. After you left them in the crate for sometime, you find out that your dog need to use their "bathroom" now quickly (but gently) take it to that spot and praise them after they urinate in that place.

Some Common Yorkie Disease

Another worth consideration about this breed is they are prone to various disease just like other toy dogs. Some diseases like cataracts, low blood sugar, luxating patella (slipping kneecaps), skin allergies, trachael collapse (collapsing trachea range from mild to severe) often found in this dog. This make the health cost as a considerable cost.

To minimize the risk of having unhealthy Yorkie, you should consider only adopt it from a reputable and professional trainer. Not a backyard breeder or a puppy mill.

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