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Common Summer Pet Health Issues

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Common Summer Pet Health Issues Common Summer Pet Health Issues Common Summer Pet Health Issues

Spring and summer season turns fields and nature to green and almost of living things to better life under the sun. But as the world blooms like colorful flowers, harmful insects and diseases are on hunt for prey which makes animals and pets as easy targets. This PetStreetMall article will guide you to safer, healthy, comfortable and always ready for any pet health concerns during summer.

Disease Carrying Animals. These include mosquitoes and most wild animals like rabbits and rodents that could carry zoonotic diseases like plague, tularemia, lung & heart worms and leptospirosis(a bacterial disease that impairs kidney function and may result in kidney failure). Some these pet diseases have potential for human infection too. Use mosquito repellants and eliminate standing water around your home to avoid attracting egg-laying mosquitoes. When hiking or walking on woods or forest, don’t just let the dogs drink water from wild, not even when there are no signs of precaution that the water is not safe. Wild animals’ feces and waste could flow into this water. Give you pet a kind of pet vitamins that could boost their health to fight diseases and allergies.

UV Ray and Pet Heatstroke. Summer have longer and hotter days that temperature can rise easily, while unlike human, pets can’t sweat to relieve body heath instantly. Never ever left pets on vehicles or closed room, provide shades and shelters that cool and comfortable enough. Common signs of heatstroke are panting, rapid heartbeat, dry & warn skin, high fever, anxious expression & doesn’t obey commands, vomiting and collapsing. Make sure they have access on fresh and clean water that is flowing to ensure it has enough oxygen content; it is recommended to use automatic pet waterers and fountains. Also, treat pets with some chilling products like cooling pet beds, cooling jackets and bandana which not only relieve body heat easily, but also alleviate body pains, joint aches and arthritis, especially for senior pets.

Few Pet Summer Tips. Don’t over overexert pets with too much play under the hot sun. Give them cooling treats frozen treats and chew toys or meaty bones to keep them busy on cool place. Grooming pets give them not only good looks but lighter and cooler feeling. And as always, close supervision is a must.

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