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Best Dog and Human Relationship Story

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Best Dog and Human Relationship Story Best Dog and Human Relationship Story Best Dog and Human Relationship Story

This is a story of a boar hunter named Armadeo Bilo with his dog. He was a great hunter, his ancestor was Indians and Creoles, and probably that is why he inherit a remarkable hunting skill. His dog (Day De Travelin) comes from Dogo Argentino breed (also known as Argentinian Mastiff). Day de Travelin defend his master life by scarifying his own life in a hunting trip.

The story begins around 1960, that was the time where many Americans comes to Argentina to watch the how Argentinans hunt a wild boar with Dogo Argentino and a knife. That day Armadeo go with some journalist from Stream Magazine, he bring four of his best dog with him, including "Day de Travelin".

On the way, the dog split up and 2 Dogo (Javelina and Day de Travelin) move ahead and find a huge boar. Armadeo know that he should go as fast as he can to help his dog, so the Americans left behind. When they get closer his horse was too afraid to come closer and threw Armadeo to the ground. Armadeo lost his knife, but he know he got to act fast or he'll lose his dogs, so he hold the boar's legs with his bare hand and wish the Americans will come soon to shoot the boar. But the boar just too strong, and all of them get too tired.

At the final charge, the boar going to attack Armadeo, but something like white shadow flew over his face followed by wet touch of the blood. He touches his face, and realizes it was real blood, but whose blood is it? At the same time the Americans finally arrive and shoot the boar. He find out his best dog Day de Travelin lying helpless, but knowing the fight was over, day stand up and walk with his last power to return to his master.

Armadeo look at his dog's neck, it was slashed and the cartoid artery was severed. When they both closer, day de travelin touch his master hand with his white and cold gum, lick and squeeze it gently, just like a last good bye message trying to say I love you master, but sorry I have to go. The boar turn out to be one of the biggest boar ever captured, it's about 600 pounds!

Hachikou Monogatari (The Tale of Hachikou)
From Argentina, we go to Japan. This is a story of Hidesaburou Ueno, a professor of Tokyo University. He has a dog named Chuuken Hacikou (Faithful Hachikou) an Akita Inu breed. Hachikou have a very unique habit to greet his master at Shibuya Station. This happens everyday.

One day his master died (1925), Hachikou didn't knew this. That same night he continues to wait for his master at Shibuya Station, but his master never returned. He confused and he didn't eat anything for three days.

After the death of Mr. Ueno, Mrs. Yae (Mr. Ueno's wife) forced to leave the house because she never legally married with Mr. Ueno. She leaves Hachikou at her relatives in Nihonbashi. The relative was a Kimono trader and didn't like Hachikou very much because the way Hachikou greet their customer by jumping at them, scare the customer away. So Hachiko brought to other relatives in Asakusa, but the neighbor really hates dog, this makes them fight with the neighbor so Hachiko lost his home again and transferred to Mr. Ueno Adopted Daughter in Setayaga, again Hachikou didn't find much love because he loves to play at the farm and accidentally destroy the plantation. Two years after the death of his master (1927), Hachikou brought to Mr. Kikusaburo Kobayashi. This family used to be Mr. Ueno's gardener and lives near Mr. Ueno's old house.

Hachikou finds out that his master no longer lives in his old house, so he go to Shibuya Station everyday to find his master. This continues everyday, and soon people who traverse Shibuya Station noticed his presence. He become "rumor" because people curious about this dog. Some people feel pity after they find out the story of this dog and give Hachikou some treat. Until one day, in 1935 Hachikou passed away. Hachikou buried beside Mr. Ueno's grave. Toushands of people comes to the funeral ceremony.

People who used to see Hachikou misses him, and build a copper statue to honor Hachikou's faithfulness. Hachikou's story spread even faster, he was considered as the symbol of loyalty and persistence. During the WW II (1944), the statue was destroyed to create war machines in the "Metal Recovery Movement". The current Hachikou statue was the second statue build in 1948. Now you still can see Hachikou in National Science Museum of Japan. They stuffed the body so people can remember him for generations.

Greyfriars Bobby
This story based on real story, written by Eleanor Atkinson with a few fictions added to enhance the storyline. The story about Bobby a Scotland Skye Terrier from 18th century who really loves his caregiver, Mr. John Gray (Also known as Auld Jock), a poor old guy who lives his life in loneliness, Bobby was his only "relatives" he knows. One day Auld Jock passes away, no one really misses him, but the little Bobby.

Mr. Auld Jock buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard (a cemetery). Mr. Brown, the undertaker was a ferocious and gloomy person. He tries to make Bobby to leave the graveyard for so many times. But Bobby always returns and guard Mr. Auld Jock's grave. This smart and persistent dog eventually melts Mr. Brown's heart. He allow Bobby to stay and guard Mr. Auld Jock's grave, even though there is a sign that prohibit dog to enter the cemetery, he choose to ignore it, special for Bobby.

Soon the child of Greyfriars Kirk (a church close to the cemetery) loves Bobby. Sometimes they play with Bobby and enjoy the day. The story spread from mouth to mouth and touches people's heart.

In 1867 there's a new regulation in Edinburgh to eliminate all stray dog. Knowing about Bobby and the rule, Lord Provost of Edinburgh paid the renewal license for Bobby. This makes him as Bobby's registered owner.

After Bobby's died, a Baroness (Baron is a royal title and the ~ess was a sign that she is a woman) Lady Burdett Coutts fund a monument in the entrance of Greyfriars Kirkyard. This monument was dedicated for any dog to remember a dog's love to the one he loves, equipped with two level drinking fountains. The higher is for human, and the lower for dogs.

There is still much more to tell when it comes into the story between dog and human relationship. For example Bobby the wonder dog, Bob the railway dog, Dragon, Fido, Gelert, Heidi, Old Drum, Old Sheep, Pompey etc! There are numerous prove that they are a big hearted animal! In recent story (2011) in the Japan Tsunami, there's a video capture a dog asking the journalist to come over and rescue his friend! So yes! They have a big heart, sometimes bigger than what most human can offer.

I feel pity about the truth that many people abandon their dog just because some stupid reason! Especially just because they lost the craze of having a pet! They are more than a pet, they are your family! If you start to treat them like this, you'll surprise what kind of love they return to you. So please don't hurt them!

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