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Maltese and Yorktese Breed

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Maltese and Yorktese Breed Maltese and Yorktese Breed Maltese and Yorktese Breed

Maltese Dog (Maltese Terrier) is one of the oldest toy dog known to man. Maltese has a very compact body build, in general their height almost as long as their length, the body coated with a long silky hair and require a lot attention when it comes into grooming. Although having dense and long hair, their hair do not shed, this makes her perfect companion for those who had allergy but wants to have “hairy” pet.

In general their personal trait is good, sensitive and requires lots of attention. This gentle creature quite sensitive with temperature and sun exposure, when they have less sun exposure their black nose may turn into brown or reddish pink. The eye particularly black but it can very dark green depending on the parents.

Another noticeable personal trait is their bravery, they aren’t afraid with other bigger dog. They are a perfect dog as “alarm dog” since they will bark to any stranger. But since their small body they won’t have a chance to be a real guard dog.

Although they are small their teeth are even and closed edge-to edge like a scissor, so yes it’ll be a real pain if they bite you! They love a small enclosed space, the place they can call “home”. Although they love inside the house this type of breed really loves running, and jumping, so make sure there is no potential danger from their own behavior. They can easily break their feet for jumping from one furniture to other furniture.

Breaking the Barking Problem with Maltese

According to wikipedia (1), these breed is the most dumped dog in Seoul (2) and Australia. The reason for the dumping is the aggression and barking problem (3). While actually it is quite easy to train this dog to stop barking, most owners are just have no patience or idea on how to train it. What a poor fate for this little dog isn’t it?

So before you think of adopting a Maltese, make sure you know that this breed is a barking dog! If you still insist on having one, this is the tips to train a Maltese to reduce the barking behavior.

Maltese bark for attention, because they are very “attention demanding” and can easily stressed when you left her alone in your house. So don’t give any extra attention when they bark! Turn yourself away from the dog and fold your arm. But remember this breed is persistent, so there is a high chance that they’ll follow you and continue to bark. Just keep turning back, move from one room to other rooms until she’s tired. Once she’s stop barking praise her with calm voice to let her know that you really adore her when she’s silent. You can do similar method when someone comes to your house, you should ignore her bark, and tell your guess to ignore it. Don’t forget to fold your arm, soon she’ll understand that it was unpleasant behavior.

Maltese Crossbreed (Yorktese)

Two Yorktese Playing

What is Yorktese? It is a result of a crossbreed from Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) and Maltese. The Yorktese often called as Morkie, Malkiese or Malki. Yorktese has a very large eye, and short muzzle. They are just as smart as their parent, they are bold, and really enhanced with energy. The mixed breed create various ear type, some follow the Yorkie, stand up straight while some follow Maltese, hanging in the side of their head. One thing in common in this mixed breed, the have color like the Yorkie, but the hair can continue to grow like a Maltese. Their social skill among other creature just like the Maltese, very sociable! The only problem occur when other dog try to “dominate” her. Yorktese always think like an “Alpha Male” So there is no way they’ll share their dominance, period.

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