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About Poodle and Yorkie Poo Breed

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About Poodle and Yorkie Poo Breed About Poodle and Yorkie Poo Breed About Poodle and Yorkie Poo Breed

They are one of the oldest dogs ever known to human; they have been depicted in bas relief from 1st century. The controversy about the origin sparks because almost every part of the Europe has some history about this dog. France and Denmark claimed to be the origin of this breed, but AKC prefer to honor Germany as the real origin. In Germany Poodle known as Pudel, the French call it Carniche Moyen, and the Italian calls it Barboncino Miniatura.

The breed classified as water retriever, it means they are perfect mate to chase down hunted animal that falls to the water (falling duck for example). This breed is an excellent swimmer by nature anyway, so water won't stop them.

Poodle Physical Appearance

Poodle has a long and sharp muzzle. They have wide floppy ears hanging beside their head and love to set their tail high while walking. Their

They have dense and curly hair. At a glance, it looks very similar to sheep's fur. The hair often makes this breed looks bigger than their thin posture. The fun part from the poodle is you can groom and shape the hair to whatever shape you want. Some owner shave only a few spot to increase the mobility, some prefer extreme shaving to give a unique look to their poodle. The risk however, when you shave too much hair they may vulnerable to cold, so only do this in the summer.

They are known as a barker, this give them some bad rap lately. Very attention demanding and have some anxiety problem when she can't find her owner for too long. Fortunately they are so smart, you can teach various trick to this dog.

Poodle Crossbreed: Yorkie-Poo

Lily the yorkipoo

When you crossbreed poodle and Yorkshire Terrier, you'll have a Yorkie Poo. There are several names associated with this mixed breed; some call it Yoodle, Yorkapoo, or Yorkipoo.

In general, Yorkie Poo considered as a smart dog. The breed inherits the both Poodle and Yorkie clever wits. This makes training this dog easier.

A Yorkie Poo sometimes turns into attention demander and may be a bit jealous when you do something without her. This possessive behavior has both advantage and disadvantage, the disadvantage is they can quite overprotective sometime, but the advantage is; they can feel “attached” to you so quick as long as you treat her well.

They are quite protective to something they think as valuable (including their owner) she'll bark at stranger but fortunately most Yorkie Poo are a good social creature. once you can ensure her that the stranger possess no danger, she'll be a lovely friends.


Adult size can grow to fifteen inches in height and weight between three to fifteen pounds.


The coat may vary depending on the gene she inherit from the parent, some can be curly like the poodle, straight like the Yorkie, or even wavy that shows balanced genes. The color can vary from reddish tan, black and white, or apricot. Their hair needs a good grooming attention, so prepare for a lot grooming time when you decide to have one of this breed.

The ears also vary, can stand up straight like a Yorkie or down beside her head like Poodle's ear. Their feet are oval and small so you have to make sure she won’t jumps around because it can hurt her. When she has floppy ears, you have to clean it often to prevent various ear problems like ear mites and ear pinna.


Poodle known as a low shed dog, and Yorkshire Terrier's coat do shed. The mixed breed often resulted in at low shed dog with some characteristic owned by Yorkie, so this breed can be a viable option if you has allergy but still want a Yorkie look alike dog.

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