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Puppy Proofing Your House

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Puppy Proofing Your House Puppy Proofing Your House Puppy Proofing Your House

Creating Safe House Environment for Your Puppy

Puppy will always be a curious creature. They'll try to explore and figure out anything around their living space. However, since a house is not their natural habitat, this curiosity can lead into danger.

Licking at the electric outlet for example, can be a shocking experience for your pup, if she's not careful, she may get stunt and died. Another reason to keep your puppy to stay away from certain area is to prevent them destroying your property.

They can chew your remote, shoe, or destroy your beautiful garden just because they feel so curious about the item. In general, there are five curious behaviors that posses some dangers to your puppy. It's licking, biting, eating, pulling, and exploring. All these curiosity driven behavior can be suppressed with some "tricks", below is the tricks you can use:

Use Bitter Spray for Some Object in Your House
For a puppy, licking an object is the way to actually "feel" the object; they'll recognize the texture, taste, and probably lead into biting and eating it. To prevent a puppy to lick something, you can use some bitter spray.

Bitter spray will help your puppy to associate the things they shouldn't lick as a bad experience. After several attempts, they'll really stop licking the object. Some item like furniture, beds, doors, and cables is a good way to prevent this behavior. For electricity outlets, you should consider applying child-proof outlets cover.

Bitter spray is so effective that it'll make them to stop licking the object in very short time. The drawback is you must apply it every two or three days. You can make it by yourself with some lemon and alcohol, the composition is 4 water, 3 lemon, and 1 alcohol. If you prefer to use a product available in the market, you can use Bitter Apple Spray™. This spray is specially designed for pet; it's not contagious and effective. Soon after your puppy knows the things she shouldn't lick or chew, she can recognize it easily by the smell.

Bitter spray also known as a good solution to prevent the chewing behavior, because most of the times, they'll taste the bitter spray when she chew it. But for smaller items that they can swallow it directly, you should always put it on a safe place. This will require you to keep your house organized all the time. So the next objectives are keeping your house clean and organized.

Keep Your House Clean and Organized
Why you should keep your house organized? Because sometimes, your puppy won't really lick the object before she eat it. They just eat it directly, especially when it's a small object.

Cables can be very dangerous for chewing and eating behavior. You should keep the cables away and put it on higher place. Sometimes chewing cables can shock your puppy, and she'll understand that she shouldn't do it. But sometimes, it can cause death. So make sure you've place the cables in safe place.

Cables also put some "challenge" for a puppy, when she pull away a decoration lamp cable, she feels like playing the "tug-of-war" game. She probably just pulling it away, once the lamp moves she'll feels like she'll win the game, she'll pull it stronger and eventually, bang! You lost your lamp and your puppy may get some accident. So again, cable will require lots of attention!

Some other "chewable" items are carpet/rugs, shocks, shoes, remote, and even cell phone. So make sure you put all these "interesting" stuff in a safe area.

When you misses something and your puppy find the "interesting" object, she probably chew it and torn it apart. When she accidentally break small electronic like your child’s RC car, she'll find lots more interesting chewable stuff like the batteries or electronic component, so always make sure all small item always well organized.

Keeping your house clean is as important as keeping your house organized. Some small trash like candy wrapper can be some intriguing item for a puppy, and guess what; it's so small that they can eat it directly! Imagine what happened if you let your puppy eat it?

So yes, keeping your house clean and organized at least will prevent two curiosities driven behavior. Chewing/eating small object, and pulling some item.

Keep Some Areas "Sealed" with Gate or Fence
Exploring is another curiosity driven behavior that poses some danger. Puppy will have so little control over their movements. They can accidentally slip away and fall to the swimming pool when she explores her world without your guidance. They can accidentally slip away when she try to climb the staircase. These little controls can easily break their legs or even kills them. So it'll be a good idea to prevent your puppy freely accessing this area.

Beside the pool and staircase, you'll need to ensure you seal the utility room and garage because there is lot of "heavy toys" (your utility) there. And it posses some danger to your puppy, in this place they can also found some poisonous substance like oil, household cleaner, or soap.

You can use some baby fence to isolate the doors. Or use custom wooden gate to create some barrier to seal the room can be an option if you are a handyman.

Install Scarecrow Sprinkler™ in the Garden
You can apply some bitter spray to your plant and flowerbeds. Not only to protect your flower, but your puppy as well. Some flower and plants are poisonous for a dog. Bitter spray can prevent them to eat it.

But it won't keep your puppy from destroy it. They can dig something on your garden, they can just run and stomp the flowerbeds. Scarecrow Sprinkler™ is a great way to prevent this.

Scarecrow sprinkler is a device that "scans" movement on your desired area, when it found some movement; it'll automatically spray some water and producing a loud noise. The noise and the water spray will be some surprise for an animal, including your puppy/dog. This surprising event will be something that really teaches your puppy a lesson not to come closer to the flowerbeds. It'll also prevent the birds like vultures from making your garden as their house, and it's safe to use!

Imagine, how hard to deal with vultures when they consider your garden as their home. How annoying it could be? And you can't just shoot the animal because it's protected by the law! The scarecrow sprinkler can really solve the hassle.

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