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K9 Advantix II for Flea Control

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K9 Advantix II for Flea Control K9 Advantix II for Flea Control K9 Advantix II for Flea Control

Flea is one common problem for feline and canine, especially in the summer. If ignored, this irritating infestation will get worse in the mid to late summer and feels like unstoppable.

Trying to kill adult flea with various medicine isn't a viable solution, they can have hundreds of new eggs every day! And the larvae and pupa can turn into adult flea at any day!

So a total control of flea that can kill the eggs, larvae, puppa, and adult flea is needed. More than that, a protection in the skin so any adult flea from other dogs won't come closer and re-infesting your dog also needed. But what product that offer such protection?

The answer is K9 Advantix II, this product can kill all stages of fleas from eggs to adult flea. This will give your dog bigger chance to repel the infestation since it can break all flea development stages. After applied, the formula also gives protection that last up to 1 month! This will rid some worry to socialize your dog with other dog during summer time, since getting closer to an infected dog poses high risk of infestation. You can see the result within 12 hour.

K9 Advantix II is safe to use for 7 weeks old puppy or older. It'll also give extra protection against mosquito, flies, lice and also good solution for ticks. This medicine is OTC medicine, means you can get it from any drug store without vet prescription, although it'll be a good idea to take your dog to the vet first to diagnose another possible problem.

Precaution and Downside
According to NYU permethrin (one of active ingredients in K9 Advantix II) "is very safe and has few side effects. Itching, burning or stinging, or temporary redness of the skin may occur" this will be a little downside but considering how hard to live with the pesky fleas, it's a good price.

K9 Advantix II can cause eye irritation, the medicine designed for external use only. Don't let your dog eat it or contaminate your dog's diet. This product also designated for canine only, don't use it on cat or other animal. Some reminder about storage, keep this in cool and dry place and don't put it on refrigerator.

How to Apply:
Pick one package that suits your dog's weight, each package is designed for different size of dog, this will prevent over dosage to your dog. Green box is for 10 lbs dog or less, teal box for 11-20 lbs dog, red box for 21-55 lbs dog, blue box for over than 55 lbs dog.

After you pick the correct package, put your dog in stand position. Now apply the medicine evenly from top of the back to base of the tail, make sure the medicine not only stick in your dog's hair, but apply it on the skin, and try to avoid excess application on one side, this will make the treatment less effective. Don't use more than one tube/dosage per application; this may lead to over dosage. And since the permethrin can cause irritation, your dog may "surprised" when you apply this treatment, asks someone to help you to watch the dog and hold it with tight leash.

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