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Cairn Terrier and Carkie

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Cairn Terrier and Carkie Cairn Terrier and Carkie Cairn Terrier and Carkie

Cairn Terrier is a small dogs breed with lots of energy with athletic and intelligent look. They have long stand up ears that similar to a fox. Like any other terrier type dogs, they really love chasing squirrel and rats. Digging is their specialty, their front feet is larger than the hind, making them an excellent digger to chase hiding mouse or other hole-dwelling animal.

Cairn Terrier is sturdy little dog who really loves agility games, and if you want to own one, it is a good idea to provide them with a sandbox as a place to play "digging game" instead of letting them dig a hole in your yard. Cairn Terrier also has strong sense of smell making them acceptable for earth dog trial.

Back then, all terriers from Scotland called as "Scotch Terrier" but in 1873 the Scotch Terrier diverted into "Dandle Dinmont Terriers" and "Skye Terrier". Cairn Terrier originated from Island of Skye (The origin of the Skye Terrier) but they carried to farmland in Scotland Highland as a ratter, and probably that is why they has so much similarity with Skye Terrier.

The name Cairn itself given after 1909 where the Skye Breeder disagree with the term "Short Haired Skye Terrier" to refer this dog, so to avoid confusion between the breed, the kennel club gives them a new name called "Cairn Terrier".

Cairn itself is a Gaelic word means "piles of rock", it is an old tradition in Scotland Highland to burry dead body under pile of rock, and in this place this bred loves to do their job as a ratter since this pile of rock attract lots of pesky animal. Then it's settled, the Cairn Terrier was accepted as name to honor the pile of stone where this breed do great job for centuries.

Cairn Terrier considered as "The Dog of Kansas" since the story of Wizard of Oz take a hit. The little dog named "Toto" (real name Terry") featured in this movie and the story is about an adventure of a little girl and her little dog (which is a Cairn Terrier) from Kansas.

This dog have two-in-one coat, the outer hair is long and bit rough, and it gives them protection from harsh grass and cold weather in the highland. This rough outer coat also protects shorter and softer hair beneath. Cairn terrier can come in any color except white, white coated Cairn Terrier shouldn't called as Cairn Terrier, but "West Highland White Terrier". Both are similar except the color. The color of the outer coat usually slightly darker than the shorter coat inside. The coat considered as hypoallergenic dog since they shed very little. Just make sure you use a shapoo with conditioner, wrong shampoo can cause their hair dried.

According to AKC standard, this breed height is about 10 inches for male and 9 1/2 inches for female with the ideal weight 13-14lbs. But some other state height in 11-12 inches with 14-16 lbs weight.

They are small, but they willing to protect you. They are alert and sensible animal. Didn't do very well with other small animal like cat or other small dog, especially if the animal scared with Cairn presence because of the hunting instict will tend to hunt down any animal that fears of them. But they can get along very well with other terrier type dogs, preferably yorkshire terrier.

Carkie Dog


Carkie is a crossbreed of Yorkshire Terrier and Cairn Terrier. They are very energetic dog (energetic yorkie + energetic cairn = really energetic carkie). The resulting carkie terrier breed often be as agresssive as their parrent when chasing small animal (since both yorkie and cairn quite aggressive when chasing small animal).

Most of the time, the resulting crossbreed has similar body and eye appearance with yorkie with some noticable diffrence like the pointed ear and curly tail.

Carkie is low shed dog, the coat usually softer than cairn, but it is not impossible for having rough coat like cairn. You should also consider a shampoo with conditioner for carkie.

Carkie can grow between 8-15 pounds, with 10-15 inches tall. All in all they are healthy crossbreed and recognized by Designer Dogs Kennel Club and ACHC.

Just be-careful before buying one, try to recognize the parent, if it’s from purebred then it’s ok, but when o comes to multi-generation breed, then it probably no.

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