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Dealing with Unfriendly Dog

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Dealing with Unfriendly Dog Dealing with Unfriendly Dog Dealing with Unfriendly Dog

Sometimes we meet "unfriendly dogs" somewhere, no matter it’s a domesticated dogs or a stray dogs. Both are having some tendency to act unfriendly towards you.

Most domesticated dog are just trying to protect their master, while stray dogs usually highly abused dog that became very timid or aggressive toward human and easily feel threatened when they feel human presence.

How to Deal with Unfriendly Domesticated Dog

Wait a code from the owner to ensure that everything will be just fine.
Don't be afraid; dog have a very good instinct to detect fear. If they find fear, they will think that you hide something and it probably dangerous, so they bark to warn you not get any closer.
If necessary wait for a moment, make sure the dog calm first before get any closer.
After they calm a little bit, usually they'll come closer. Don't show any fear, just let the dog sniff you.
Once the dog begin to trust you, you can let the dog sniff or kiss your hand, but make sure your keep your finger closed together, wide open finger will looks like a toy for a dog, and may invite a bite.
If you want to touch the dog, touch the fore arm (hump), and never touch someone else dog's ears, tail, legs, or stomach unless you've meet the dog several times and shows no aggression.

How To Know That a Dog Begin to Trust You?
When she come to you she'll walk with his head down (like bowing or sniffing the ground while walking) and the ear won't stand up straight or pulled forward. Some dog will also come closer calmly while waging the tail. When you find such message, then the dog begin to trust you.

How to Deal with Unfriendly Stray Dog

Don't make eye contact and don't scared, keep yourself calm so the dog can't feel your fear.
If the dog blocks your path and his eye starring at you, stop, don't get any closer and wait until the dog leave and don't stare at the dog either.
If the dog just became "guarding" but didn't show any scared sign like starring at you or growling, just walk the street while keeping your distance from the dog, so you don't trespass her "territory".
Don’t Smile! Smiling is a friendly way to greet (in human way) but dog can perceive it differently. When a dog sees your teeth they can think it's a challenge, so don't smile.
Bark and growl can be an early warning before aggression, don't laugh to show that you aren't afraid, because your laugh can sounds like "a returning bark".
Call animal control once you had the chance, because the dog can hurt someone if you let it go.

When You Get Attacked By a Dog

Don't run, most people will run when a dog attacks them. Running away will only makes the dog give harder attack to fully "neutralize" you.
Don't move try to keep standing and use calm voice instead of panic voice one; Panic voice will invite further attack, while calm voice will makes the dog thinks that you possess no danger.
Keep your finger closed, because wide open finger is much weaker. You don't want to lose your finger.
Try to protect your arm; arm is the most common first target.
Calm, try to keep standing, use calm voice until the dog leave. But once you fall down, scream for help, because the dog starts to have an advantage here.

When a Dog Bites You

If the dog bites your arm, don't jerk your arm of because it'll make the dog bites you deeper, it's their instinct to do so.
Try to keep calm, while your other hand trying to reach something to control the dog, a stick, pipe, or something strong and long object.
Insert the object to the dog's mouth then push the dog. Don't use the object to beat the dog, because it'll make the even more brutal.
If the dog beats you, make sure you protect your head and neck. One deep bite in your neck can cause fatality. Try to crouch if you think you can't keep your standing position and cover your neck and head with your hand.
Try to scream help when you think you can't beat the dog alone, if no one else just keeps silent and "play dead" soon the dog will leave you.

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