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Selecting A Pet Shop Rent

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Selecting A Pet Shop Rent Selecting A Pet Shop Rent Selecting A Pet Shop Rent

Today, owning a pet or two is high on everybody’s wish list in the United States and in fact, there are, it is believed, as many as sixty-three percent of American households that own a pet – which translates to an estimated sixty-nine million homes in the country. What’s more, about another forty-five percent of these households have more than one pet and the numbers of homes having one or more cats is thirty-seven million while for dogs, the number of homes are about forty-three million.

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With such figures in mind, it is not unreasonable to imagine that getting into the pet supplies business and thus opening a pet store will certainly prove to be worth your while. Despite having to shell out considerable money by way of paying a higher pet shop rent, you should still be able to turn a tidy profit from selling pets and pet supplies because the income is going to come in steadily and you will still have enough in hand after paying off your pet shop rent and other business expenses and thus still make a decent living out of the pet store business.

Of course, you will need to choose a decent location for your pet store and though this may force you to pay more by way of pet shop rent, and provided you go about investing your time and money in the wisest manner, it is very likely that you will be able to survive the five year ‘new’ period in which most such businesses end up winding down which more often than not is due to not having paid adequate attention to where to locate and how to do your pet store business most profitably.

Certainly, it will also mean that you will still have a lot of latitude when it comes to deciding on what your business is going to sell because the market for pets is growing even in the case of things such as toys, gourmet treats and any other hot commodity. Having decided on what your line of business is going to be, you will then need to search for a pet store that is large enough to accommodate the things that you are planning on selling and which is also located where more customers will visit.

Of course, you may not always be able to afford the high pet shop rent that a centrally located pet store would attract, but at the same time you need not also settle for a location that is neither easily accessible nor situated where customers go to find their pet supplies. Thus, looking only at how little or how much pet shop rent that you are going to pay should not be the primary concern when choosing a pet store; rather, you need to tailor it according to the profitability of the location as well as the size of the store.

The bottom line is that you should not let just the amount of pet shop rent that you have to pay influence your choice of pet store, because there are more important considerations that will make even paying higher pet shop rent more profitable and so before choosing your pet store think about it as being a small investment that can help you rake in big profits.

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