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Strangest Dog Collar Ever

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Strangest Dog Collar Ever Strangest Dog Collar Ever Strangest Dog Collar Ever

It's just dog collars, but how can you make it special? Well there are some crafty people out there and offering their service to provide you with “special” dog collar, so special that makes most common people think about it as “strange”. What are these collar? Well, read on.

St. Bernard Dog Collar Barrel
This one would be just like the classic era where St. Bernard Rescue dog will carry a beer keg as the "first aid" for "dying in the cold lost traveler".

This legend is so famous back in 1800 era, and if you now have a Saint Bernard dog and want to live up that legend, this collar is the perfect one! Imagine you'll own not just *ordinary* dog, but the legendary "boozehound"!

The keg available in two size, 1/2 liter and 1 liter. With three different band style from brass or black steel to make it looks authentic or galvanized steel. This collar is the perfect solution if you want your dog always carry you some beer, especially in the summer, can you think how hot is out there?

Bark Beer, The Real Beer-Opening Dog Collars
If you still want some beer, but the keg collar is too much, then this one is the perfect alternatives!

Your dog will always bring a bottle opener in his collar. A perfect solution if you kind of "sloppy" and always forgot where did you put the bottle opener.

This collar is pet friendly! The collar specifically engineered to pull away from your dog and there's a little place to re-tact it back in the housing spot.

Personalized Dog Collar
Ok, this one just look so *normal* for a custom collar, what's so special about it? Well, the collar made from "vegetable tanned leather" not just common leather. They also allow you to choose your own favorite color, add gemstones if you want to, or any customization you can think of!

If you want to have a "green dog" this is a great first step into it! The collar is 100% biodegradable.

Where to get it? Well, there's two place to get it, from their etsy shop or their official website here.

Rolex Collar for a Watchdog
What comes in your minds when you heard the word "watchdog"? I believe it'll be something like guard dog. It'll be correct in most contexts, but not this time. Why? Because the watchdog literally means a dog that brings a watch!

Now if you want to have a friendly small breed dog that you can call as "watchdog", buy this collar! This collar will turn any dog, into a true watchdog!

With "Rolex" embed in the collar; your dog will earn her celebrity-dog look alike instantly! But how much do this collar cost? It's about 2,500 pounds! Literally over than US $4,000! Read the entire story at odditycentral.

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