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Five Best Spill Proof Bowl

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Some Reason To Own This Stuff
Reason #1: Traveling With Car
Dog just love it when the owner takes them with a car, the problem is, dog always need water and food and feeding your dog inside the car can spill out everything, the car is a "shaky" place and a long journey will require lots of stops if you bring your dog along.

When some of your dog's food spilled inside your car, it can cause smell problem, the splashed water can cause your seat wet and if ignored fungus and bacteria can accumulated causing not only smell, but also health risk.

If somehow this already happens to you, try to pick up the food, clean it thoroughly, and make some "aeration" by parking your car under the sun and let all the door open for a while.

This isn't a pleasant experience for any dog owner. But fortunately, there's some solution (I prefer to call it prevention) for this problem. It's using a spill proof dog bowl.

What is spill-proof bowl? It's a specially designed bowl to feed or watering your dog and prevents the food or the water to be spilled. A perfect solution if you love to take your dog for a ride.

Reason #2: Wooden Floor and Spilled Dog Food
Wooden Floor can make your house warmer during the coolest winter. But wooden floor can create a tiny space between them allowing very small amount of spilled dog food accumulate and harder to clean. This can cause smell and fungus, more over this can invite bugs and other bacteria that dangerous for your health.

Using a towel around the bowl is a good, simple and practical solution. But cleaning the towel after few days is not something I don't really want to do. So this is another reason why to consider the spill proof bowl.

Which Bowl Best?
I won't tell you which one is the best, because the best is the one that suits your need. Beside, this article supposed to be a review, not an adv. All items I listed here have its own advantage and weakness, but let sort it by the price started with the lowest.

Non-Spill Water Bowl

This one is the cheapest bowl and only cost you about $5 each. But don’t underestimate the functionality of the bowl. This cheap bowl is an affordable solution for anyone who wants to use spill proof bowl for their dog without too much cost. Also good for a starter who’s unsure that a bowl can prevent spilled food or water.

This one comes in two colors, beige or light blue. The capacity is equal to four cup of dry food and can also be used as water and food bowl. This affordable bowl won't spill the water or food even in a shaky place like your car.

Premier Pet Spill-Less® Bowl

This one is a “non tip base” bowl and a great solution to feed your dog inside the car. The problem with this bowl is the bowl can move around if you had a big dog (it's too light and doesn't grip the floor well) and cleaning this bowl is quite challenging task. But both problems are quite common in most spill proof bowls.

However, if you only have a small breed dog like Pom, Chihuahua or Yorkie, this bowl can be a great choice for you..

Jolly Pets Road Refresher 24 oz Spill-proof Water Bowl

Now this one offer easy cleaning, just snap it apart and clean it like a normal bowl, a good buy for the price. This bowl can "lock" the water in case your dogs tipping it or trying to kick it. Another good thing from this bowl is the non-toxic material used to create the bowl.

Buddy Bowl 44oz Original

Now this one is a great buy, it offers wide range of color and sturdy material. This bowl can keep the water inside even when you flip it 180 degrees upside down. This will really teach your puppy not to turn the bowl over because it's useless and the water remains inside. Highly Recommended!

Flydog Spill Proof Pet Travel Bowl

This one is not the cheapest one, perfect for big dog like labs or golden retriever. One more advantage in this product is you can use the car floor to keep your stuff because this bowl won't need any "floor space", just hang it on your back seat, and everything will be just fine.

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