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Don't Leave Dog in Your Car

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Don't Leave Dog in Your Car Don't Leave Dog in Your Car Don't Leave Dog in Your Car

The sun is getting hotter in this summer, but even hotter inside your car. Do you know that the heat inside your car can peak at 160 degree when parked under the sun? With such heat, it only needs less than one hour to kill your dog. Especially a dog can't sweat with their skin.

Now as the leaves on the trees start to open welcoming a new hot summer this year, leaving your dog inside the car isn't a wise move.

If you "accidentally" leave your dog inside the car, lets hope someone notice it and report it to the police. They may break your window to save your dog, and if you were lucky you may still enjoy the freedom after paying some fine. But if not, you may loose your dog, got a broken glass, and charged for animal cruelty.

Mr. Dwight Strickler (Augusta County Animal Control Officer) says that the temperature inside your car can climb up to 102 degrees when its 85 degree outside. As cited from this sources.

Now the story of lousy pet owner leave their pet inside the car always happens every summer. Even after 14 states in the U.S. forbid it!

This same old story just happens yesterday on Warburton Avenue when the heat peak at 90 degrees. To read the full story you can click here.

It's a pity fact that the "human best friends" treated in such way, now think like you are going to buy something in the grocery store, will you leave your baby inside your parked car? Even just for a while during the hottest day of the year? I know you won't, so why do that to your animal?

Never bring your pet along when you can't be sure if the place will welcome your pet when you get in your destination. Just leave her in your house will be much wiser.

Now it's June, but soon it'll be July and you probably thinking to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, lots of fireworks. Is it wise? It's probably okay to show your patriotic spirits, but it's not pet friendly.

Fireworks can harm your curious pet, avoid using it around your pet, the left over has dangerous chemical, the fire can cause severe burn especially fur is so easily burned.

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