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Teacup Dog: Worst and Best fact

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Teacup Dog: Worst and Best fact Teacup Dog: Worst and Best fact Teacup Dog: Worst and Best fact

No! Not Teacup!
First fact is "Teacup is a gimmick!" It's a marketing trick to create a term for excessively breeding the toy dog. Toy dog or Miniature is the correct term to address small breed dog, these term is recognized by many kennel club, but not teacup! Not purse dog, not other cute-term to cover the fact that's unknown and unrecognized term for all dog kennel club because the parent being excessively breeds to meet the market demand.

By buying teacup puppy, you supported animal cruelty, do you know that the parent used to breed hundreds of teacup puppy before the puppy mill dump the parent or give it away to an animal shelter after she breed for her entire life. A small P:oodle, Maltese or Yorkie often used as the parent. If you want a teacup dog, try to adopt an adult somewhere; don't buy the puppy from a pet store or puppy mill. Do what Patty Petters did here.

High Vet Cost
Abnormally small dogs can have genetic weakness, this is because the parent is excessively breeds (weakening genes) and the resulting "tiny dog" poses various health problems. Heart complication, digestive system, shuts, hypoglycemia, dental, epilepsy and various seizure, weak bone, and many other problem. This of course, something a puppy mill wants to cover. They'll try to sell you the puppy at 4 weeks old. At this age, diagnosing health problem would be difficult. So don't be fooled! Never buy a puppy less than 10 weeks old!

Bark! Bark! and Bark!
Don't be fooled with the cute face in a tiny body, many small dog are a barker, can produce lots of nuisance barking. You as a teacup dog owner should always take care of the bark and manage her emotional "insecurity" or any other reason why they bark. This noise can make someone in your neighborhood disturbed, like in the Tabiona, an ex-city councilman shoot a 9 months old teacup Chihuahua with a .22 caliber rifle due to the barking, the Chihuahua is dead, and the ex-city councilman prosecuted to the law enforcement. Read the entire story here. So again; train your dog not to bark without proper reason! Some people are proud of having pampered dog, it's okay if you (the owner) don't mind, but reminds yourself about the neighbor would you? It can make them act too far and put your lovely teacup dog in a danger.

But they are small, so the bark won't cause too much stress isn't it? You are wrong! Dead wrong! Big dog like Newfoundland, Akita and Bloodhood bark less and amazingly Yorkie, Cairn, and Fox Terrier is on the top barker! See the resources here. Burkesbackyard also add the fact sheet that small dog get dumped a lot due their excess barking. See the research here.

Best Fact
Brave and Loyal
They are brave and loyal and ready to give anything they can (including risking their life) to protect you, even if they are just a small animal fighting a bear! Don't believe me? It's a true story! It happens in Kirkland. Robert Caroll (a spare timer hunter) just encountered a bear in his backyard. His daughter Danielle (21) was sitting in the porch when she sees the bear, she yelled about the bear. His father comes with the dog, Shmoopy (a toy poodle) and this tiny animal just run and trying to protect the master! What a brave dog in small size wouldn’t you agree?

They Are Cool!
Small dog, dressed up and groomed properly, laying in your lap while watching TV, on your hand while you walk around the neighborhood, you get the idea. They are cool! They are cute! And can you imagine how many eye look at you when you bring her with you to the crowd? They are fascinating attention grabber! But of course, if this is the only reason you want to own one, you are just the same people who buys a dog because the dog gets featured on TV. After you lost the craze, you’ll abandon your dog and get your dog stranded, just the matter of time. Stop it! If you not ready to own one, then please don't have it!

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